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Jamaican Nonprofit Founder Helps 100 Young Ugandans Become Entrepreneurs

SOUTH FLORIDA – “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This quote greatly parallels Son Shine Global Partners’ (SGP) goal to train 100 impoverished young people in Uganda to obtain entrepreneurial success in farming in 2019, making a lifelong impact.

Ranging from ages 18-25, the group of young orphans and widows will be offered courses to assist them in obtaining food security and succeeding as farmers.

“We’re going to train them on how to make a living,” Sharon Brown, founder and president of Son Shine Global Partners, said. “They’re going to learn to raise animals and make a good enough living to raise themselves out of poverty.”

After more than a decade of assisting young people in Africa by giving food, clothes, counseling and livestock, SGP desired to help the selected group in a more sustainable way through training them in agricultural business.

Each young adult in the selected group has sadly lost loved ones due to terrorist attacks of the Lord’s Resistance Army, an African rebel group that has terrorized parts of Central Africa for the past 30 years.

“They’re the most vulnerable people because they don’t have any outside support,” Brown said.

Through SGP’s partnership with the Malku Institute of Technology and Makerere University Africa Institute for Strategic Services and Development (AFRISA), the 100 selected young adults will be trained in every area needed to successfully farm and raise animals.

The young farmers will receive two weeks of intensive residential training, followed by several training visits over the next twelve months.

“It’s just remarkable how little effort on our part it takes to transform the lives of a young person in Uganda,” Brown said. “When we volunteer whether it is to provide education, medical assistance or psychological counseling, the impact on their lives last a lifetime.”

Son Shine Global Partners is seeking to partner with individuals and companies that are interested in helping these young Ugandan people during their time of need. If interested in donating or volunteering, visit Son Shine Global Partners. The budget for this program is $65,000. Donations can also be made through GoFundMe.

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