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Northern Uganda & Starting MALKU

Sonshine Global Partners started working in northern Uganda in 2007. There had been a 20-year civil war in northern Uganda from 1986-2006. Some 1.8 million people had been displaced and tens of thousands kidnapped, mutilated or killed.

We went to northern Uganda with medical mission teams and we conducted trauma workshops for mental health workers in cooperation with Gulu University.

In order to see true community transformation we needed to invest more time with the citizens. In order to do this we decided to support the establishment of Malku Institute of Technology (Malku) in Uganda.

We have acquired 100 acres of land in Kijuya, Mubende District in the Central Region of Uganda for the development of a training facility.

The conditions in the refugee settlements do not allow us to offer the residential training programs there. We are building a facility in Kijuya that will allow us to offer residential training to groups of 200 participants at a time. We are also developing demonstration farms at this facility.

Malku is partnering with Universities in Uganda to provide accredited training in the local languages.

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