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A New Era at Sonshine Global Partners!

As many of you may have already observed, Sonshine Global Partners (SGP) has recently started the re-branding of our organization. Through an exhaustive 12-month effort that included everything from industry and competitive analyses, a SWOT analysis, marketing plan, along with extensive surveying (of which many of you reading were likely part of), and several other exercises designed to capture the ‘voice of the donor’, Throughout the process, many questions were posed by, not only our internal team, but our donors as well. Below are just a couple bullet points to address a few of those inquires:

Why rebranding your organization? Why now?

About 18 months ago, our leadership team sat together to simply discuss how to continue to support evolving needs of the people we serve in Africa. Our plan started simply enough with wanting to ask our valued donors what they wanted to see us doing with the money they had entrusted to us. From there, it evolved into a larger-scale examination into our organization to see if we were meeting their expectations and how we could operate more efficiently and how we could become sustainable., We were excited to know that we already had provided, or had the competency to provide, what the large majority of our donors wanted. We just needed to effectively communicate that better to our partners and donors, which is what we believe we are doing now.

Isn’t SGP just another non-profit agency working in Africa?

No. In fact, we identify ourselves as an organization that supports the education and health of people in rural communities in Africa with the aim to improve their health and to lift them out of poverty. We are partnering with organizations who operate in each nation who can deliver the training in the native languages. Our focus is on agricultural education of the African youth. We emphasize training in entrepreneurial skills that will equip the student to be self-employed. We are also working with marketing companies to provide markets for the produce. We are exploring the possibility of food production in the United States using raw material imported from Africa as a source of income for SGP. Our new website will be filled with case studies and programs that speak directly to our expertise in these areas.

Many organizations claim that they are able to support donor & partner objectives, but lack the talent and systems to actually do it. How does SGP differ?

Great question! While our partners and donors mostly only see the reports and pictures of what takes place in the field, they don’t regularly see the gifted staffing behind the scenes that is at the core of our organization efforts. Our company employs some amazingly talented and caring people. Our company personnel are what separates us from all others.

I want to close by thanking all of our partners and donors for their continued support. Without all of you, SGP would not be provide quality education and medical outreach to rural communities in Africa. We look forward to working together with you all, side-by-side. I welcome any input and/or feedback you may have regarding our organization. Please feel free to contact me at if you wish.

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